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Unique maps so you can get to know your neighborhood better.
About Us
Metro MapperTM is a community neighborhood information site that publishes free interactive maps from public and private data sources for the Louisville Metro area, Kentucky, and the nation.

Our desire is that residents and visitors will have open access to valuable geo-based data to help you know your city and neighborhoods better.

Making Information Free

Our main goal is get information out the the public free of charge. We never charge for or sell the data we collect. And you can always come to the site and search the maps and info for free. If you create a free account, you can also bookmark your searches and share the links for free. We even let you embed the maps in your website or blog for free if you have low traffic.

Online News Organization

We hunt down, gather, and objectively present geo-spacial information on our maps, so you can make your own judgements about it and share it with anyone. Use our free tools to create your own custom searches and embedded maps.

Our History

Metro Mapper came out of the knowledge that cities and private organizations have all types of data that is not easily accessible to the public, and if it is, it's very hard or cumbersome to visualize and make sense of. We knew that we could create a service for the public to put the information on maps. Metro Mapper idea started in June of 2005, with the beta test site launching in March of 2006. We officially came out of beta in April of 2007 with a completely new code base. Since then we've been adding features, data, and services to the site based on user feedback. In November of 2007, Metro Mapper became powered by the Your Mapper Platform.


Michael Schnuerle has over 25 years of career experience in the internet field, and has had a passion for maps ever since his first bedroom was covered in nautical wallpaper. His web background runs the gamut from programming, user interface design, graphic design, information architecture, project management, and product management. He has done web work and lived in Australia, Paris, Edinburgh, San Francisco, and Lexington, and currently resides in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Important disclaimer:
Metro Mapper makes no claims to the validity of this data. Use at your own risk. Data comes from a combination of public and private sources. Information can be erroneous, missing, misleading, outdated, misplaced, and/or correct. Please verify all data before using it in any manner. If specific location cannot be found, it is not plotted on the map. Use this map for personal reference and non-critical purposes only.

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