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Business Solutions
We offer the services provided below and many other custom business partnerships. Contact us for more information.

Metro Mapper Sponsorship

You can sponsor a specific map on a quarterly or yearly basis. Sponsorship involves ads for your company above and to the right of the maps. Users clicking on the link will be passed directly to any page on your site.

We can help you track ad views and click through conversion rates based on our site traffic, or track the views and clicks directly for you. You get targeted, local visitors interested in what you have to offer.

We offer general sponsorship for a map with unlimited monthly views, or a pay-per-click model.

If applicable, we can link to your site in every one of our popups, thus getting visitors not only from site, in shared and emailed links, embedded maps on other sites, and our affiliate sites.

For more details, contact us.

Embed Our Maps

Take any of our maps, set your starting location and map size, then copy and paste some code to get the map on your site or blog! Learn more about our Embed a Map feature. If you are a low traffic site, it's free! If you have high traffic, we recoup our bandwidth and storage costs through a very inexpensive monthly fee based on your site's bandwidth use.

For more details, contact us and take a look at our Service Pricing.

Programming API

All of our data is available in your app or product through our open API. Learn more about our Use Our API feature on our parent site, Your Mapper.

Dynamically Link to Our Maps

If you run a site with local interest, you can create a direct link to a saved search in your city or neighborhood. Your link can be setup to display only certain filtered data and link directly to a full-screen map. For example, if you want to show recent crimes for a certain area, create a bookmark link, add a "Show Crimes" link to your site, and link directly to a map at that location showing crimes in the area. It's totally free! Just read our post about Bookmarking Searches.

Add Your Data Here

Are you a public agency or private company or government department that has information that would be a perfect fit for Metro Mapper? Contact us and if we think our users would benefit from the data, we will add a new map on our site with your data and drive awareness and traffic to your site... at no cost to you! Then you can embed an interactive map into your own site with embed a map feature.

Link to Your Site

Some of our maps link to outside sites for more information. Drive traffic and targeted users directly to your site, exclusively, through a relevant link exchange.

Screenshot License

Screenshots are copy written when they are show specific results of a search, but your organization can license screenshots from us. If your newspaper, TV station, or website wants to use our screenshots, contact us for one-time or ongoing licenses. Only general screenshots of the site are allowed to be used without a license. Contact us if you are unsure of screenshot use in your situation.

Custom Maps for Your Site

Since we are experts at mapping technology on the internet, we can deploy dynamic maps like the ones you see on Metro Mapper on your site, with your data. Contact us to work up an estimate for a unique mapping solution for your service.

Important disclaimer:
Metro Mapper makes no claims to the validity of this data. Use at your own risk. Data comes from a combination of public and private sources. Information can be erroneous, missing, misleading, outdated, misplaced, and/or correct. Please verify all data before using it in any manner. If specific location cannot be found, it is not plotted on the map. Use this map for personal reference and non-critical purposes only.

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