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Where do you get your data?

Lots of different sources: sometimes online, sometimes digitally, sometimes manually entered. All of it is available to the public in some form. We use the YourMapper embedding service to showcase the data on interactive maps.


I have an idea for a feature, can I tell you about it?

Yes, and we welcome all of your feedback, positive or negative. Please visit the Contact Us page and tell us your idea. We might be working on it already, or it may be new to us. Either way, the more requests we get for certain features, the higher priority they will be when we are improving the site.

Important disclaimer:
Metro Mapper makes no claims to the validity of this data. Use at your own risk. Data comes from a combination of public and private sources. Information can be erroneous, missing, misleading, outdated, misplaced, and/or correct. Please verify all data before using it in any manner. If specific location cannot be found, it is not plotted on the map. Use this map for personal reference and non-critical purposes only.

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