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We value your personal privacy and hate spam and companies who sell your information as much as you do. Any personally identifying information we collect from you is voluntarily given by you, and other info we collect will not be used to identify you. Listed below are all the ways Metro Mapper gets data about you, and what we do with that data.


When you browse around the site, we look at your overall habits and clicks, check out the browser and operating system you are using, and other information we need to later track our site traffic. This is all built into the way the internet works, and most sites use this info. None of this info can be used to identify an individual, and we only aggregate it to get overall statistics of our traffic.


When you type in an address to search for, we do store that in a database, but not to identify you. We use it to speed up future searches, see the most popular searches, and if there are any issues or features we can add based on how everyone is searching. We also show the address or zip code you searched for in constantly updated maps: one showing the most recent searches, and one showing the most popular searches.

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When you contact us, you can provide information about yourself, and we look at your IP to prevent spam. However, we only use this to get in touch with you if you want, and will never give or sell this to any other individual or company.

Important disclaimer:
Metro Mapper makes no claims to the validity of this data. Use at your own risk. Data comes from a combination of public and private sources. Information can be erroneous, missing, misleading, outdated, misplaced, and/or correct. Please verify all data before using it in any manner. If specific location cannot be found, it is not plotted on the map. Use this map for personal reference and non-critical purposes only.

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